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  • Relocation and Expansion of Substation M3-SS-09 at Sasol Secunda 2014

    Proconics has completed the relocation and expansion of Substation M3-SS-09 at Sasol’s Secunda site. This extensive and demanding project included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new substation, as well as the change-over of existing switchgear and associated equipment. At a cost of R150 million and a timeline of 18 months, this has […]

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  • SASOL Tamane Electrical Project

    Short Executive summary Contact: Philip Koen

    Electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and control engineering and installation project management provider Proconics, in partnership with Shaw Controls, have been awarded a contract for the design and construction of a new modular electrical substation to be installed for SASOL in Temane, Mozambique.  As a SASOL preferred supplier, Proconics will be responsible for the detailed design, engineering […]

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  • SASOL 17th Reformer Project

    Short Executive summary Contact: Louis Olivier

    Proconics has a reputation for working well with other organisations to deliver multi-discipline projects on time and on budget and, for this reason, Linde asked Proconics to participate in the development of a green fields project – the 17th Reformer – after successful competitive bidding. This new plant was to be designed and built to […]

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  • New base substation provides Sasol Nitro with enhanced safety and expansion capabilities

    Proconics has completed the installation of a new base substation for Sasol Nitro, a project that has provided the client with enhanced safety, improved tracking and business analysis capabilities, and has allowed for operational expansion. Sasol Nitro wanted to install a new base substation on one of its existing nitro explosive bulk plants and approached […]

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  • Proconics saves the day for Linde Engineering and helps them to deliver the Ethylene Purification Plant to Sasol

    Case study Contact Eugén Ranft

    Proconics assisted German engineering company, Linde Engineering, in completing a complex and demanding project that involved the commissioning of a new Ethylene Purification Plant for Sasol. Proconics is Linde Engineering’s instrumentation partner of choice and were already involved in the project when another supplier had difficulty in delivering the relevant electrical work. Proconics was called […]

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  • Proconics receives ISO9001-2008 Certification

    Success story Contact: Jimmy

    Proconics has been awarded ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Certification by SGS South Africa. In order to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification a company must be able to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that meet its customers’ statutory and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the organisation should constantly aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective […]

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  • Proconics completes complex control panel replacement for Sasol

    Case study Contact: Louis Olivier

    Proconics completed the replacement of four control room control panels and 13 compressor house control panels for Sasol. Commissioning took place in just seven days per phase, with an experienced team of Proconics engineers working round the clock to ensure the successful completion of the project. It was yet another example of how Proconics has […]

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  • Proconics upgrades two electrical substations for Sasol in just 10 months

    Case study Contact: Eugén Ranft

    Proconics has upgraded two of Sasol’s existing electrical substations in just 10 months, an epic and impressive achievement that sets them at the top of their game. This execution has come about as a result of an extensive planning and basic engineering phase, followed by a carefully executed roll out that was both seamless and […]

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  • Petrochemical Development Oman Audit

    Short Executive summary Contact: Zebedee Stott and Louis Olivier

    A chance encounter at a conference saw Proconics South Africa seize a unique opportunity to forge a new relationship with Petrochemical Development Omam (PDO) in the Middle East thanks to their highly specialised skills in handling advanced system replacements, a skill that PDO had been struggling to find in the world market. “We are in […]

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  • Jindal’s coal gasification facility

    Announcement Contact: Abram Keyser

    Proconics South Africa was contacted to provide instrumentation engineering and design expertise to support Jindal Steel’s new coal gasification plant at Angul in the province of Orissa in India. The project was facing some unique issues and, thanks to having worked on a similar plant on a much larger scale for Sasol in Secunda, Proconics […]

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  • NOSA Awards

    Short Executive summary Contact: Jimmy

    Due to their exemplary performance and focus on safety, health and environmental management systems, Proconics has received numerous accolades from the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA). Currently the company has a NOSA Five Star Certification which stands as a national stamp of approval that their health and safety management systems are correctly maintained, implemented and […]

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  • New Coal Gasifiers

    Short Executive summary Contact: Louis Olivier

    Sasol Technology hired Proconics to modernise, overhaul and revitalise the gasifier control systems for eight existing on-site gasifiers and incorporate four new gasifiersat the Sasol Secunda Plant. The team was asked to make radical changes to an old system that had been in operation since the plant was established over 30 years previously. The challenges […]

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  • Lonmin Mine – MV Switchgear Arc Furnace

    Short Executive summary Contact: Philip Koen & Eugene Ranft

    Proconics, a leading South African engineering firm, was sub-contracted by Tenova Pyromet to handle the detail engineering, construction and installation for the electrical elements of the Lonmin Mine arc furnace replacement project. This installation was implemented on a very tight time scale with Tenova bringing Proconics in at a point when time sensitivities were high. […]

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    Short Executive summary Contact: Gert Nieuwoudt

    Proconics subcontracted to the Linde Group for Instrumentation and Control engineering and design on a green fields project to build the EPU5 ethylene purification plant for Sasol’s Sasolburg plant. The endeavor saw them deliver a brilliant level of service and a quality of engineering that surpassed the stringent specifications and requirements set out by the […]

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  • Document Migration SPI/SPEL

    Short Executive summary Contact: Gert Nieuwoudt, Eugene Kriel and Jan Muller

    SASOL, having worked successfully with Proconics in the past, approached them to assist in converting some of their old format engineering drawings into the modern database format. The older documents included those drawn on board and those developed with legacy systems, such as CAD. Proconics has extensive expertise in handling the migration of this type […]

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  • OBL infrastructure: Gasification control rooms

    Short Executive summary Contact: Rudi van der Merwe

    Sasol Synfuels appointed Proconics as the EPC contractor to install the electrical infrastructure to the new control rooms at Gasification on the eastern and western sides of the Sasol Secunda Plant. Thanks to this successful project if there are any leaks or issues, then no staff will be endangered thanks to their new location, and […]

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  • BHP Electrical Infrastructure Safety Audit

    Short Executive summary Contact: Ludolph de Klerk

    Proconics is an industry-leading engineering firm that truly understands electrical and control infrastructures, and it was to this expertise that BHP Billiton turned in order to assess their infrastructure and to determine how it could be further advanced to achieve a high level of performance and safety. The project was initiated with a very short […]

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  • As-built audit 26/226 Reactors

    Short Executive Summary Contact: Abram Keyser

    The As-built audit of the 26/226 reactor project for Sasol was the largest EPC project for Instrumentation and Control ever undertaken by Proconics, and is now the largest Instrumentation and Control EPC project ever done by the organisation. In addition to this, the team had to work within the constraints of a live plant, handling […]

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  • 30KC Executive summary

    Short Executive Summary Contact: Rhigardt Nolte

    Proconics was selected by Sasol to implement a seamless upgrade at their Secunda plant to replace old hydraulics systems on the steam-turbine compressors with electronic ones. The team did a basic engineering study to assess the scope of the project and what challenges they would face when performing the final engineering work. One feature that […]

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  • Driving South Africa’s power – Medupi Project

    The Medupi Power Station is a demanding installation and one that has had to meet extremely stringent regulations and requirements in order to meet the government’s exacting standards. This particular installation saw Eksom request that Alstom, the main automation system supplier, provide the instrumentation documentation using Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) from Intergraph, a system Alstom […]

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  • Boiler & Generation Renewal

    Short Executive Summary Contact: Gert Nieuwoudt

    Replacement of complete distributed control and emergency shutdown systems of 17 boilers and the upgrade and replacement of associated switchgear and UPS systems. A combination of contracting strategies were used on the various portions of the work – from engineering only to complete engineering, procurement and construction.

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  • Waterworks Control Optimisation

    Short Executive Summary Contact: Philip Koen

    Distributed control system replacement for the water plants.
    Start date: 02/2009
    Progress: 03/2011: 3900 IO completed and successfully commissioned
    End date: Completion 12/2011
    Total inputs/outputs (I/O): 7800 IO

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  • Sasol Advanced Synthol Reactor (SASR) Replacement

    Short Executive Summary Contact: Louis Olivier

    Start date: 10/1995
    End date: 03/1999
    Total new inputs / outputs (I/O): 3000

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  • Oryx GTL (Qatar) System Analysis

    Short Executive Summary Contact: Melvin Jones

    Sasol South Africa owns 49% of Oryx GTL based in Qatar and, along with Qatar Petroleum (QP) who own 51%, the two organisations ensure the seamless running of this gas to liquids plant. In 2011, the MD of Sasol Synfuels found that there were issues around production at the facility in Ruslefac and recommended Proconics […]

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