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Relationships are pivotal; with our clients, our colleagues, our communities.

Excellence and perfection are expected, nothing less will do, we get it right the first time, upholding
the reputation of our profession.

Nothing is impossible; we’re creative thinkers, solving your problems is our life-blood.

Above all; a genuine enthusiasm and passion to make it work.


We believe that business plays a vital role in developing communities, preserving the environment and the
economic growth and development of South Africa.

South Africa
Broad based black economic empowerment is fundamental to true transformation in South Africa and we
are fully committed to this process.

We give back to the communities in which we work; by creating jobs and developing skills.
We provide financial support to education institutions in disadvantaged areas, bursaries and scholarships
for tertiary education and ultimately work opportunities.

Our employees
The safety of our employees is paramount; not only putting the appropriate safety measures and controls
in place, but creating a culture of safety first amongst our employees. For this reason we have maintained
a NOSA 5 star safety rating for over ten years.

Code of Conduct
We take our responsibility as engineers very seriously. Our commitment to upholding and enhancing
the reputation of the profession is unwavering and as such our Code of Conduct adheres to the highest
standards of safety, professional ethics and excellence. Affiliation with industry professional bodies such
as ECSA, SAIEE and SAIMC affirms our commitment to designing safe and operable facilities.