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Electrical Specialisation Services

Protection & control:

Substation protection requires a holistic and complete approach. Proconics has the skills and experience to ensure that your substation will be protected and control functionality operates as required. This includes full automation and SCADA services, relay, RTU and SCADA network design and wireless and network system design for remote locations ensuring that both centralised and local operations work and integrate seamlessly.

Protection relay grading:

To ensure that your equipment is protected and safe during operation requires that the protection relays be fit for purpose. To that end Proconics does complete grading studies from feeder to end device. We will program and configure all major types of protection relays and ensure correct operation.

System steady state & stability studies:

Planning and optimisation of reticulation and switching schemes is critically important in ensuring that the best cost optimised solution is implemented in a safe and efficient manner. Proconics does systems studies and modelling, dynamic and static motor starting and stability studies. Proconics owns both ETAP and Digsilent software modelling packages.

Energy audits:

Energy consumption is a significant cost component in industrial plants. Knowing what equipment is responsible for what portion of consumption and optimising and managing this consumption can improve bottom-line performance and reduce the environmental footprint of your plant.

Legacy switchgear replacement:

Our qualified engineers and technicians have extensive experience replacing and upgrading switchgear equipment in the petro-chemical industry. We have successfully executed a number of 525V and 6600V replacement projects over the last few years. Updated switchgear equipment promises:

> Improved reliability
> Long term availability of replacement parts
> Increased operator safety
> Improved protection of downstream equipment > Decreased probability of unscheduled process outages
> Reduction in schedule maintenance

Value added services:

The following additional value added services are available to ensure that all the client's needs can be accommodated:

> HV/MV/LV cable systems, routing/specifying
> Small power
> UPS > Lighting and earthing designs
> DC battery charger systems > Variable speed drivers, soft starters MV/LV
> Lightning protection design
> Cathodic protection
> Hazardous area classification drawings, inspections
> SCADA IEC 61850
> Profibus/Devicenet
> MV/LV reticulation design
> HVAC design and calculations

Project Services

Commissioning support:

Proconics does offer commissioning supports for both electrical and instrumentation projects. This includes loop checks, system (electrical & control) commissioning and field commissioning (electrical & instrumentation).

Construction management services:

Proconics provides construction management for both green and brownfields projects in a multi-discipline environment.

Front end engineering and design (FEED):

Proconics delivers a multi-disciplinary approach with industry-standard FEED work processes through its industry recognized specialists with decades of combined experience in unraveling complex brownfield and greenfield projects. We ensure thatall the client’s projects specific requirements are addressed during conceptual design phase so as to keep the changes minimal during execution phase. Proconics’s integrated FEED experiences form part of a total value proposition by which we combine our applied technical expertise with our knowledge of plant technology to create smart plant solutions with great benefits.

Design and documentation audits (as-built):

As-built projects are crucial in any replacement project to ensure that the designs take into consideration the latest state of the plant. Proconics has a strong As-built team (both instrumentation and electrical) that has worked in some of the most complex projects to date.

Professional services and EPC and EPCM:

Proconics offers Professional, EPCM and EPC services to its diverse clients in the market. This allows us to meet diverse client requirements through agile use of our processes, methodologies and established services.

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