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Specialisation Instrumentation & Control Services

Control systems upgrade:

We pride ourselves on integrating your new system with existing plant systems and have developed a highly successful as-build procedure for your current design before implementing your change-over.

Early Activities:
> Identify input information needed for project execution
> Brownfields: Requires relevant as-built documentation

Specification understanding:
> Specifications and applicable revisions
> Clear understanding and interpretation of specifications
> Uncertainty management
> Procedures in the event of unclear or problematic technical information problems

Legacy system upgrades:

Proconics has extensive experience in undertaking brownfields legacy system upgrades replacing out-dated relay safety equipment with state-of-the-art technology. Our professional team and in-house design processes ensure your upgrade goes smoothly & without incident.

Fire and Gas systems:

Proconics combines extensive experience with specialised technological expertise in the domain of fire & gas alarms, as well as communication systems.

Our services include the upgrade of existing systems as well as specification, design and implementation of systems for new plants and factories. Our specialised knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of fire & gas alarms and communication systems in petrochemical plants has placed our team in high demand at locations around the world

Online analyser systems:

Proconics combines extensive practical experience with technical engineering and project specialisation. Our experts are perfectly positioned to assist in the upgrade of existing systems, as well as the specification, design and implementation of new projects. Our professional team of experienced engineers are highly sought after for their knowledge and design skills in often challenging conditions. Proconics implements on-line analysis hardware and software to allow you to constantly monitor the quality and purity of gas and liquid samples – without relying on manual lab testing.

> Finding solutions to challenging on-line analyser applications
> Investigating and reporting on all on-line analyser applications
> Implementation of new technology
> Design of customer analyser shelters, sample transportation and conditioning systems as well as manual sample facilities
> Highly experienced and qualified engineers
> Project management to ensure smooth communication channels and project execution

System integration and control systems:

Proconics offers you the experience and expertise to tackle any problem relating to Control and Instrumentation Engineering and Design. Our range of services offer you access to a variety of specialist disciplines not found in most systems integrators or engineering houses.

> 3rd party interface design
> Adherence to international standards
> Complex field integration (e.g. analysers)
> Complex sequence design & coding
> Efficiency design & implementation processes
> Batch operation and tracking design according to S88, especially for highly complex and multi branch applications
> Brownfields and greenfield system as-build, analysis and documentation
> Client needs analysis e.g. user requirement specification (URS)
> Compilation of standards and philosophies
> Conducting of FAT’s
> Control and functional design and documentation, client review and liaison

Compressor control system upgrades:

Pneumatic, hydraulic and relay-based electronic compressor/turbine controls & safeguards are maintenance intensive, expensive and system integrity has often decayed to introduce unacceptable process risks. Pulling together all the skills required by such a project, including the mechanical modifications, turbine speed pickups, vibration analysis and safeguards as well as compressor overspeed and surge protection devices requires insight and experience. A track record counts in this business. Proconics has extensive experience with upgrading defunct control systems and offers proven expertise in converting pneumatic & hydraulically controlled compressors/turbines to programmable electronic controllers with short operational downtimes. We specify the right instruments to measure accurately and install high frequency electronic
controllers to give your operators the feedback and control they need.

> Specification of new field instruments to replace pneumatic instruments
> API/IEC international compressor protection standards
> Systems integration
> Electrical supply and interfacing
> Mechanical interfacing requirements
> IEC61508/61511 SIL studies and calculations
> Project management
> Construction management

Safety integrity (SIL) and functional safety

Proconics is uniquely placed to help you manage your risk and ensure the highest standards of safety by offering over 15 years’ of experience and expertise. Our team is able to design and implement safety integrity systems and processes to help your plant conform to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) standard IEC 61508, now IEC EN 61508. We undertake to make sure that both your hardware & systematic safety integrity is ensured. Control system failures occur for many reasons including incorrect specifications, design and implementation, incorrect installation and commissioning, and post-commission alterations. Managing your risk allows you to maintain your safety integrity, comply with international standards and reduce the risk of plant accidents, loss of life and production shut downs.

Value added services

Industrial Cyber security

Proconics have experienced cyber security professionals trained by the US Department of Homeland Security and can provide clients with the required advice and guidance to ensure maximum system integrity and protection from cyber intrusions.

> System audits
> Training
> Compilation of policies and procedures
> Network and traffic analysis
> System segmentation
> Intrusion detection

Fire and explosion damage recovery

The Proconics recovery team offer you immediate response and the benefit of our expertise and knowledge (E&I) of the plant environment, systems, procedures and specification. Our goal is to get you up and running in
the shortest possible time while guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and compliance. We are also preferred suppliers to several customers and sites for all damage recovery, maintenance and support.

> The experience and plant knowledge to start the project running
> Technical experts in almost every sphere of electrical and instrumentation within the petrochemical environment
> Professional Engineers / Technologists and certified E.X. designers
> As-builts, verification, testing and design.

Online system changeover

Proconics has an exceptional track record in handling high pressure, on-line system changeovers. We have optimised our internal processes & tools to ensure you, our customers, can keep producing at full capacity. Our professional team and in-house design ensures your upgrade goes smoothly and without incident. Online changeover means zero tolerance for error. Everything must be meticulously tested, and re-tested to ensure every detail is 100% accurate before attempting the changeover. We pride ourselves on our ability to plan and execute flawlessly.

> Years of extensive experience and successful changeovers
> Refined in-house design processes
> Extensive FAT and SAT processes
> As-builts, verification, testing and design
> A team of passionate and committed engineers who know how to get it right, first time, every time.

Project Services

Commissioning support:

Proconics does offer commissioning supports for both electrical and instrumentation projects. This includes loop checks, system (electrical & control) commissioning and field commissioning (electrical & instrumentation).

Construction management services:

Proconics provides construction management for both green and brownfields projects in a multi-discipline environment.

Front end engineering and design (FEED):

Proconics delivers a multi-disciplinary approach with industry-standard FEED work processes through its industry recognized specialists with decades of combined experience in unraveling complex brownfield and greenfield projects. We ensure that all the client’s projects specific requirements are addressed during conceptual design phase so as to keep the changes minimal during execution phase. Proconics’s integrated FEED experiences form part of a total value proposition by which we combine our applied technical expertise with our knowledge of plant technology to create smart plant solutions with great benefits.

Design and documentation audits (as-built):

As-built projects are crucial in any replacement project to ensure that the designs take into consideration the latest state of the plant. Proconics has a strong As-built team (both instrumentation and electrical) that has worked in some of the most complex projects to date.

Professional services and EPC and EPCM:

Proconics offers Professional, EPCM and EPC services to its diverse clients in the market. This allows us to meet diverse client requirements through agile use of our processes, methodologies and established services.

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