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The Marketing team collaborated with members of the social committee (in each office) to develop a "competition" to determine which office had the best cake presentation. The Johannesburg office went with the cake and cupcakes motif - a popular social media expression. The Vanderbijlpark office chose a conventional and eye-catching design. The Cape Town office decided for a tiara (beauty pageant) style, whereas the Secunda office went for a New York Empire State Building look.


Either way, the cake depictions represented our organisation's journey from the distinct perspective of each office.


As our Group CEO said earlier this week, here’s to 28 years colleagues, and many more to come!


Please check out the gallery on our website for images from each office and updates on social media.


Below is a snapshot of the evening from each office:

birthday bash 2.jpg
_Birthday celebrations Vanderbijlpark.png
Birthday celebrations Secunda.png
Birthday celebrations Cape Town.png
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