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Proconics Cape Town heats the LekkerKry Social Club

The annual Proconics Potjiekos competition kicked off in Cape Town last week with the team bringing friendly competition and cultural flair to the LekkerKry social club and venue in the Cape Winelands.


Five teams, each with their unique name, gathered to showcase their culinary skills. From the calm and collected to the fiercely competitive, like "The Flammables" (Group One) and "The Umsila (Tail in Nguni)” (Group Five), the teams brought a vibrant energy to the event.


Aromatic curries, rich oxtail stews, and hearty lamb and vegetable combinations filled the air as the potjies simmered under the warm Cape sun. While the delicious concoctions bubbled away, teams kept themselves entertained with games like Jenga and Croquet and prepared their presentation areas for the judges' scrutiny.


Teams skillfully woven complex tales about their selected themes and the inspiration behind their dishes, making the presentations themselves a feast for the senses. Setting a distinctive and unforgettable tone with an accordion performance by Christo Coetzee, Group 3 went above and beyond.


“The Flammables" won this year thanks to their delicious lamb and butternut potjie, which went well with focaccia bread and garlic butter mushrooms.

In addition to congratulating the winning team on their outstanding spirit of teamwork, Philip Koen, Acting General Manager for Western Cape, also highlighted the team's excellent interactions and the collaborative atmosphere.


Take a look at the proceedings:

Copy of  Cape Town FAREWELL posters.png
Copy of  Cape Town FAREWELL posters (1).png
Copy of  Cape Town FAREWELL posters (3).png
Cape Town Potjiekos competition
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