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A Memorable Cape Town Send-off

The Cape Town office buzzed with bittersweet energy as the team bid farewell to their General Manager, Rhigardt Nolte. It wasn't just any goodbye – it was a celebration of his journey with Proconics and the impact he's made on the team.


The atmosphere was pure Cape Town Friday – relaxed, jovial, and ready to unwind after a week's work. As the midday Cape Town sun shone over the Meerendal Wine Estate’s Bossa restaurant, where the air was filled with the scent of fresh grapes and the promise of a delicious farewell lunch.


Jolandi van Wyk, Senior Manager of C&I, was the day’s highlight when she took the floor. Her heartfelt words spoke volumes about Rhigardt's leadership and the impact he's had on the team. She reminisced about their early days in the Cape Town office, “[…] those first three months spent taking in the stunning views from our office balcony – pictures of not just the beautiful landscape, but also the shared vision of a company (team) poised for success.”


Her words acknowledged Rhigardt's leadership and dedication during his tenure. She expressed the team's best wishes for his new international adventure, hoping he finds a team as supportive and collaborative as the one he leaves behind in Cape Town.


Though Rhigardt won't be a world away, or moving to a different company, the bittersweet reality began to sink in.


He took the floor, his voice filled with genuine gratitude as he thanked everyone for the incredible years they’ve spent together. He acknowledged the team's remarkable achievements and expressed his optimism for their future success.


His closing words hold a touch of intrigue, subtly hinting at the possibility of some familiar faces joining him on his international journey.


The day unfolded like a beautifully scripted farewell scene from a movie, filled with genuine emotions and a sense of unity. The echoes of laughter and heartfelt conversations lingered, leaving the team with the warmth of memories made and the excitement of the journeys that lie ahead.


Here's to Rhigardt and the incredible adventure awaiting him – may it be as inspiring and fulfilling as the journey he led us on. And to all of us, may the spirit of camaraderie and success continue to flourish in the Cape Town office.

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A memorable Cape Town send-off
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