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Smooth Sailing: OD & Training Hosts Intern Induction Programme

On Thursday, 7 September, the Organisational Development and Training (OD & Training) Department hosted an intern induction programme to formally welcome our newest cohort to the organisation.


The young minds were offered suggestions and how-to guides for smooth sailing during their internship journey, with a nautical theme setting the tone. It provided an opportunity for the interns to experience the Proconics culture and learn about our behavioural competencies.


Setting sail: The programme began with an educational panel discussion with Group Chief HR Officer, Dorah Tlala and Senior Manager of OD & Training, Elmarie Koen. Interns also heard from seasoned Proconics experts from several disciplines within the organisation, receiving essential insights into the sector and the prospects that lay ahead. This discussion set the stage for an enlightening trip, from addressing how to put your best professional foot forward to sharing personal career experiences.


Navigating through motivation: Following the panel discussion, the interns were introduced to Uryan Achari, Junior Payroll Administrator, who discussed his career trajectory from intern to permanent employee. His thoughts and feelings reflected those of the mentors and managers present who underlined the Proconics ideals and encouraged our new Proconites to make the most of their time with us, complete with ups and downs, challenges, and successes.


Charting the course with Q&A: The event also included engaging Q&A sessions following each speaker, which allowed the interns to steer the ship by asking questions about the organisation, the industry, and the paths they should take. Proconics' leadership team and mentors were on hand to offer advice and clarification, ensuring that no questions went unanswered. They also received a tour of the Secunda headquarters as well as a complimentary beverage at The Groundery Connection to fuel their journey ahead.


“The intern induction event wasn't just about welcoming new faces; it was about instilling a sense of purpose and belonging in our interns. As they embark on their internship journey, they do so with a strong support system and a wealth of knowledge at their disposal,” remarked Tlala.


“Proconics' commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a collaborative, growth-oriented culture was evident throughout the event. The training department truly outdid themselves in ensuring that the interns felt like an integral part of the Proconics crew.”


Our recruits are well-equipped to manage the opportunities that lie ahead, with the wind in their sails and a compass pointing to success. The Proconics ship is on a successful voyage with a bunch of eager interns on board.


Bon voyage!

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