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University of Pretoria Chemical Engineering students.

14 Nov 2023

Proconics attends the farewell ceremony for the University of Pretoria Chemical Engineering students.

Proconics attended the farewell ceremony for the fourth-year chemical engineering students at the University of Pretoria (UP) on Tuesday. Held at the Uitspan Personnel Centre overlooking the dam, the event was an opportunity to engage with up-and-coming engineers.


A recorded video message by Proconics Group CEO and UP graduate, Melvin Jones was presented to the students. In it, he discussed his time as a student at UP and how the institution prepares students for an exciting career in engineering. 


"As Proconics, we are not only here to bid you farewell but to share valuable information about the internship, bursary, and work opportunities available for engineering graduates within our organisation," said Dorah Tlala, Proconics Group HR Officer. “One of Proconics' main goals is to support the development of engineering knowledge in South Africa by investing in local talent.”


Proconics has contributed to a great student experience through their association with UP by giving prizes for the best research projects and giving worthy students 12-month internships at the end of their graduation.


Tlala mentioned that Proconics offers recent engineering grads internship opportunities. She went on to discuss the requirements that a graduate must meet to be accepted into the programme and the opportunities that are available inside the organisation.


She stated, "Our organisation is pleased to provide bursary programmes to assist worthy students in their academic endeavours. Our goal in investing in education is to enable people to follow their passion for engineering and progress in the field.”


She also addressed a crucial subject that is near and dear to the heart of the Group CEO: the preservation of local engineering expertise.


"We understand how critical it is to keep engineering talent in South Africa. Proconics is dedicated to establishing a creative and encouraging work atmosphere that fosters our engineering experts' long-term careers, skill development, and professional advancement.”


She continued, “The majority of our talent is currently emigrating, but we are adamant that we are here to stay  - #asiyindawo that is our message to you tonight!”


Tlala ended her talk by emphasising, “By participating in events like these, we strengthen our ties with educational institutions and contribute to the development of a skilled and sustainable engineering workforce in the country.”

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