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Dr Pixley Local Is Lekker Soccer Tournament

08 Aug 2023

Proconics attends the Dr Pixley Local Is Lekker Soccer Tournament

Football is thought to have the ability to unite individuals from all walks of life. This statement rings true as the Proconics and ProGo teams attended the Dr Pixley ka Seme Local is Lekker Soccer Tournament last weekend in Volksrust, in partnership with Eskom and other external organisations.


As the dust settles at the Volksrust soccer stadium, the tournament was the culmination of Proconics stakeholders' efforts to create Proconics' reputation and awareness among locals. “The journey for Proconics in the Majuba area has not been easy, our participation in the tournament was an opportunity to further cement our commitment and dedication to the community,” shares Khanya Vilakazi, Senior Manager: Stakeholder Relations, IR Compliance and Projects.


“The tournament was not about which company or community you belong to, it was about camaraderie and being focused on the game. As an organisation, we made great strides in cementing our brand name among locals. We achieved a lot.”


Organised by Volksrust Online Radio (VOR) – a platform that is commonly used to influence sentiments about companies in the community. Through proactive engagement and collaboration, the Stakeholder Relations team, and other important stakeholders, notably Ludolph de Klerk, were able to turn this relationship around.


The two-day soccer spectacle saw hundreds of spectators sing, chant, dance and cheer on the top eight teams in the tournament. The winning team, the Volksrust Isiphithiphithi soccer team was lauded for their countless hours of practice, teamwork, and dedication both off and on the pitch. At the end of the tournament, Vilakazi handed over the trophy to the winning team.


From an oversight, fairness and integrity perspective, the Volksrust South African Football Association (SAFA) officials ensured that the teams remained competitive, respectful and followed the rules of the game. The local South African Police Service ensured overall safety for all concerned.

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