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Ikusasa Comprehensive School in Tembisa

12 Apr 2024

Donation of Scientific Experiment Kits Boosts STEM Education

Last Friday, the Proconics Johannesburg team paid the Ikusasa Comprehensive School in Tembisa, east of Johannesburg, a visit to donate scientific experiment kits for STEM learners in grades 10 to 12.


The visit follows the organisation’s last engagement with the school late last year. At that event, Proconics Managing Director, Reginald Mbatha delivered a talk as a guest speaker and Proconics Johannesburg donated laptops and other materials to the top-performing mathematics and science learners in grades 10 and 12.


Proconics Group's CSI drive is to advance education and learning in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Innovation (STEAMI) sectors as an organisation firmly rooted in innovation. Because of this, the Proconics Johannesburg office's decision to adopt the school as its flagship CSI project was in line with the Group's objective of assisting upcoming leaders in these vital domains.


Leading the delegation was Marita van den Bergh, the General Manager of the Johannesburg office. During her address, she used her own experiences to paint a vivid picture of what engineering is and the incredible impact it has on society.


Her message was clear: “STEM learners, you have the power to be the change you want to see in the world, and engineering is a powerful tool to make that change happen!”


But the learning didn't stop there. The learners were able to test their new science kits by way of live demonstrations that were done by science kit suppliers, Nkazimulo Applied Sciences.


They led the students through a series of exciting experiments, including demonstrations of producing carbon dioxide and using hydrogen peroxide. The experiments sparked curiosity and the learners were actively engaged, asking questions and eager to participate – a testament to their thirst for practical knowledge.


For Proconics, these kits will go a long way in bridging the gap between theory and practice, giving learners a hands-on experience that will solidify their scientific understanding and propel them towards academic excellence.


Proconics Johannesburg’s commitment to the Ikusasa Comprehensive School is but one example of the unwavering commitment to giving back to our communities, cementing our organisational reputation and investing in the future of STEM education.


Below is a snapshot of the day:

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