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Proconics Attends the Bobonong 3MW Solar Plant Launch in Botswana

24 Nov 2023

Proconics recently attended the official launch of the Bobonong 3MW Solar Plant in Botswana.

Owned and operated by Sturdee Energy, an independent power producer based in Johannesburg, this milestone project, undertaken as a joint venture with the 1MW Shakawe Solar Plant, marks a pivotal moment in Botswana's commitment to clean energy. The launch was a special first for the country as this was the first grid-tied renewable project.


“Proconics is proud to have played a small part in supporting this landmark project. We provided the engineering, procurement and construction for the MV grid interconnection works at both sites,” said Takalani Mamburu, Project Manager.


“Arriving on this farm a few years ago, where there was tall grass, snakes, and other animals, and seeing it now - a fully operational solar farm - makes today seem like a dream. We are happy to be a part of this project and believe that Botswana's sustainable future will be greatly aided by the Bobonong solar plant."


For Proconics, attending the launch underscores the organisation’s commitment to advancing renewable energy initiatives on the African continent. Notable attendees at the launch event were Lefoko Moagi, Botswana's Minister of Minerals and Energy; David Kgoboko, CEO of the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC); Andrew Johnson and James White, directors of Sturdee Energy; and Kgosi Ezekiel Joel Masilo, senior sub-tribal authority of Bobirwa.


Mamburu added that Proconics' involvement in the project has solidified the company's standing as a leading supplier of renewable energy services, which bears promising future developments.


Group Executive for Renewable Energy at Proconics, Louis Hall, reiterated Mamburu's remarks. "Proconics is eager to continue supporting Botswana's efforts toward sustainable development. Our standards have been raised by this project, which has also given us access to new possibilities. It reaffirms our dedication to a sustainable future and our proficiency in the Botswana and larger African market.”


The BPC awarded the tender for these projects to Sturdee Energy in 2019, recognising their expertise and commitment to driving the nation's renewable energy agenda. In July 2021, the BPC and Sturdee Energy signed a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA), securing a long-term commitment to the production of electricity sustainably. The solar farms will sell to the BPC its output in accordance with the PPA, strengthening the nation's clean energy objectives and adding to the electricity system.

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