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Proconics Connects, Showcases and Wins at X-Change

09 Jun 2024

Proconics recently attended the 2024 X-Change User Conference that was held in the Drakensberg.

Every year, industry experts and IT enthusiasts get together at X-Change to share ideas that will influence the future of the industry.


One of the event's many highlights is it being a hub for developing deep business connections by giving service providers direct access to the decision-makers and industry leaders they hope to work with.


Proconics sponsored a lucky draw with the prize being a free drone scan of an industrial facility. The response was overwhelming, and the lucky winner was Rand Water, who will benefit from this cutting-edge technology.


The team not only engaged in meaningful business talks, but they also demonstrated their best qualities on the dance floor, winning first prize for "Best Spirit."


Some of the highlights include:


  • The chance to connect and network with top-tier professionals and decision-makers in one place.

  • Showcasing our cutting-edge solutions and demonstrating our thought leadership in the industry.

  • Winning the Best Spirit award was an excellent opportunity for the team to bond outside of the typical work environment.

  • Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies and learning how they can be integrated into our solutions.

Team Proconics (L-R): Robert Theron (SM: Automation, ICT & RPAS), Marita van den Bergh (GM: Johannesburg), Jay Rama (Senior Chief Technologist: C&I), Dirk Engelbrecht (Team Lead: IIT),

and PC Annandale (RPAS Specialist). Other members not pictured: Wouter Raath (SM: C&I), Francisco de Freitas (Team Lead: C&I), and Charles Kigosi (Team Lead: C&I).

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