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Proconics Joburg’s Cultural Experience

28 Sept 2023

Proconics Johannesburg had its interesting cultural experience event.

Was it a traditional Zulu wedding? A Xitsonga dancing party? Or perhaps a Basotho culture exhibition? You wouldn't be far off if you thought all the above.


Proconics Johannesburg had its interesting cultural experience event yesterday, 28 September 2023, to educate, indulge in, and honour each culture that exists in the office, as well as to promote diversity.


When the Marketing team met Marita van den Bergh, Acting GM, to discuss upcoming events such as the annual potjiekos and Heritage Day celebrations, it became evident that the office would raise the temperate gauge just a bit and aim for greatness. That’s where the innovative cultural experience was born.


The tribe had spoken, and it was determined that colleagues who could bring some of the cultural cuisine delicacies should raise their hands - this proved to be a fantastic idea.


At 4.30 p.m., the rather quiet and subdued office environment changed when Zulu traditional music began playing from the canteen/kitchen area, prompting anyone who was still in a meeting or typing an email to stop what they were doing and follow the rhythm and beats of the drum to where the event was held.


Colleagues were treated to an extensive and intriguing buffet that included local cultural delights:  

  • Amasi (maas) and Uphuthu (crumbly or grainy pap) – a popular Zulu staple.

  • Pap - the meal that goes best with everything, especially if you eat it with your hands.

  • Umqombothi - a traditional Zulu "magic" brew.

  • The intriguing Biryani dish, a KZN staple.

  • Masonja (Mopani worms), a popular Limpopo delicacy.

  • A combination of chicken insides, necks, and feet.

  • Ox tripe.

  • Skopo meat (meat produced from the head of a cow, goat, or sheep) mixed with throat meat.


In true African tradition, if a cultural event is approved by the ancestors, men and women would burst out in song, dance and sing the traditional way. The day was no exception.


The occasion was a gourmet masterpiece of the highest order. Colleagues left having learned a thing or two about various cultures, and some of the common misconceptions vanished.


Below is a snapshot of the event proceedings:

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