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Sasolburg Child and Youth Care Centre

30 May 2024

Sasolburg Child and Youth Care Centre Solar System Project: A Beacon of Hope and Sustainability

We're thrilled to share the incredible journey of the Sasolburg Child and Youth Care Centre Solar System Project, a heartwarming initiative led by our dedicated Vanderbijlpark team. This project wasn't just about installing solar panels; it was about bringing hope, sustainability, and a brighter future to the children at the Centre.


Leon van der Vaart, a former client of Proconics, reached out to us for engineering assistance with a solar system project for an orphanage he was supporting. Given our expertise and commitment to helping those in need, we were pleased to assist with this meaningful project.


In January 2024, we embarked on this mission with a detailed needs assessment. We discovered not just a need for reliable energy, but an opportunity to improve the lives of these children significantly. From February to April, a local contractor worked tirelessly, removing illegal connections, and rewiring the home to ensure safety and compliance.


Our talented interns, Murendeni Mulaudzi, an Assistant Engineer (Electrical), and Bethuel Dzunisani Maluleke, an Assistant Technologist (Electrical), designed a state-of-the-art solar system. Despite challenges, including tight timelines and technical hurdles, their dedication never wavered. An external contractor joined us for the final installation phase, ensuring everything was perfect for the big day.


On May 3rd, the Centre was abuzz with excitement as we switched on the new solar system. The children’s faces lit up with joy and wonder. One of the staff members shared, "From all the kids and house parents, we are firstly very thankful for all involved. The kids can't wait for load shedding actually to feel the impact on their daily lives. The system is still very new to us, but we can already feel and see an impact on our electrical use and cost. We still need to adapt to it and need to be aware of the changes. However, we are very excited and very proud of what all the involved parties did to make this a success. As house parents and children, we want to thank all parties involved in this project.”


This project exemplifies the power of teamwork and community spirit. Our Vanderbijlpark team, local contractors, and the Centre’s staff worked hand in hand, overcoming every obstacle with resilience and determination.


Beyond the immediate benefits of reduced electricity costs and improved living conditions, this project sets a sustainable foundation for the Centre's future. It's a testament to the profound impact renewable energy can have on improving lives and protecting our environment.


We're proud of what we've accomplished together and excited for the brighter, greener future ahead for the Sasolburg Child and Youth Care Centre.

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