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West Coast TVET College

10 Nov 2023

Proconics’ commitment to education lauded at West Coast TVET College student graduation ceremony

50 Proconics-sponsored students from the Vredendal and Citrusdal areas graduated this past Friday at the West Coast TVET College's Malmesbury campus. 


Addressing the eager youngsters, Khanya Vilakazi, Senior Manager for IR Compliance and Stakeholder Relations, shared: “This is not an obligation for us as an organisation, it is a lifelong commitment to education and the skilling of our communities. Across the room, I see nothing but bright smiles and I am confident that this initiative has not only enriched you but your families as well.”   


“Your graduation not only signifies personal achievements, it carries a broader impact on the local community. As you enter the workforce, you will carry with you the skills and knowledge through your training, contributing to the economic development of the region.”


The graduation ceremony, co-organised and funded by both Proconics and the Pinggao Group, marked the end of the artisanal competency-based modular training programme that commenced earlier this year. The project identified 50 unemployed youth between the ages of 18 - 35 (25 from Vredendal and 25 from Citrusdal) who were enrolled in a short electrical training programme.


In recognition of their dedication and performance, Proconics put together a “goodie bag” for the students which comprised branded pens, notebooks, water bottles, ear pods and backpacks. The surprise gift was well-received and further imprinted the Proconics brand in their minds.


Proconics selected West Coast TVET College, a locally based educational institution known for its expertise and awareness of the requirements of the local community, as the implementation partner, to design a learning programme that will equip students with practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to the engineering sector.


Coming from diverse backgrounds, the training programme afforded the graduates exposure to formal education and training. However, there was one common denominator, they were all fueled by their passion and desire to work and make an impact in their respective communities.


Vilakazi remarked, “Finding the right partner was a critical project delivery item. Proconics and the college's collaboration extends beyond financial support. We have worked actively with this institution to improve educational quality and equip students with real-world insights and excellent hands-on experience."


Dolly Mangena, Vredendal Campus Manager and MC for the day said: "The graduation ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate our students' hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It also an opportunity to recognise Proconics' critical involvement in their educational path."


At the end of the event, Proconics was featured on Radio Namakwaland to talk more about our organisation, our investment in education and the graduation ceremony.

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