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Midrand & Vanderbijlpark office
Soccer Tournament.

Proconics Johannesburg and Vanderbijlpark faced off in a friendly soccer match last Friday at the Mall of Africa rooftop in Midrand.


Beyond fostering camaraderie and teamwork, the game acted as a test run for a potential Proconics soccer competition. The breathtaking Johannesburg skyline provided a spectacular backdrop for the clash, further amplified by the energetic "fans" who hyped up the players.


Both teams strategised diligently, with Vanderbijlpark welcoming Dirk van der Walt and Johannesburg countering with Melvin Jones as their anchor. Bongani Ngcongo kept the game under control as the official referee.


"This is a great opportunity for the teams to unite and also have some good, healthy competition with each other," Van der Walt said about the game.


When the whistle blew, the sides displayed their abilities in a thrilling encounter that also featured a friendly competitive atmosphere. With a final score of 7–6, the Vanderbijlpark team claimed victory.

The post-game attitude was one of shared excitement, despite the competition. Everyone went back to the office to continue the festivities while preserving the spirit of the match. The winning Vanderbijlpark squad then sent out a friendly offer for a rematch on their home turf, wanting to show off their special team spirit and victories to their Johannesburg rivals.


Below is a snippet of what transpired:

Soccer tournament Midrand_Vdbijlp office
valentines day.jpg

Cupid must have received an email yesterday highlighting Proconics' great workplace culture since this year's Valentine's Day festivities were very memorable! Sweet treats and fun activities made everyone laugh, and there was a general hum of love, gratitude, and Proconics spirit.

We knew this Valentine's Day was going to be unique from the minute Cupid's arrow struck - or rather, from the moment our incredible teams began planning. The memo was short and sweet: plan your ideal Valentine's Day celebration without following any rules.


Let's rewind and relive some of the highlights:


  • Dress to Impress (or Not!): Whether you donned your finest cupid costume or rocked your casual best, the dress code was all about feeling good and spreading love.

  • Decorations that stole hearts: From balloons filled with colour to conversation starters scattered around the office, the Proconics space was transformed into a haven for romance (and friendly fun!).

  • Sweet treats to melt your heart: Let's be honest, the way to many hearts is through their stomachs, and our treats (whether it was burgers, cupcakes or sweet treats) were definitely on point! 


But what makes our Valentine's Day celebration so crucial? YOU!


The sense of camaraderie, the smiles, and the laughter all contributed to making the day incredibly memorable. It served as a reminder that love is about more than just romantic relationships - it's also about the bonds we have with friends, coworkers, and even strangers.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who helped to make our Valentine's Day festivities so special. You breathed life into Proconics' love, laughter, and soul. The love need not cease just because the formal festivities have ended!


Throughout the year, keep showing appreciation, friendliness, and maybe even a few corny love songs.


Look at the celebrations:

valentines 2.jpg
Valentines celebrations

Proconics #RideJoburg

joride #94.7fm.png
Proconics #rideJoburg
Cultural Experience
cultural experience.jpg

How the CEO spends his Thursday with the Cape Town crew.


The Cape Town team was in for a treat yesterday when Proconics Group CEO Melvin Jones chose to attend the office's "Build a Burger" Phuza Thursday event.


"Build a Burger" is an event that is more than simply putting together tasty burgers; it's about bonding, sharing laughter and making lasting memories. The gathering has increased teamwork, creativity, and innovation as the team continues to collaborate on their strategic plans and projects.


It is in all our Proconics DNA to be social, and Melvin's ability to engage with the team outside of the normal office atmosphere proved beneficial. "It creates a space for us to unwind, relax, and get to know each other on a more personal level. Building good interpersonal interactions among team members is critical for a productive workplace."


While there is no evidence that Melvin built his own burger, the team was thrilled to have him.


"I liked how he interacted with all of us; he didn't mind chatting with us and cracking a few jokes here and there." [...] 'We normally refer to wasting time on the phone as modern loitering, we need to develop a phrase for Cape Town workplace where guys just stare at this magnificent view,' Letlhogonolo Adams remarked.


"Having him around is always beneficial. "We matter as an office, and our contribution to the overall Proconics brand is valued," Masoi Mhlophe explained.

His presence, according to Azola Mjwara and Thobile Nhlengethwa, brought about a mood of cheerfulness, and he even delivered a few "good" jokes.


"Having Melvin in our office was a fantastic experience. His presence, as well as the fact that he made the time to join us for our 'Build a Burger' event, was truly an honour," Letlhogonolo Tenela stated.


"Having Melvin come down to Cape Town and interact with us here was quite exciting. I'm just glad to see the ‘big man’ in person doing what he does best," Deswill Willemse joked.


Greg Piotrowski said that even though he is a Liverpool fan, it is always a pleasure to see the CEO.


"It was great to see our Group CEO in our office; it was very refreshing and motivating to talk with him. It's always a pleasure to spend time with him. He is kind and enjoyable to converse with. He should come here more often!" said Vongani Chabalala.


Francois van der Merwe said that it’s always a very positive thing when “he visits the office, actual Facetime makes it possible to have conversations that wouldn't otherwise have been possible.”


“We greatly appreciate your commitment to our organisation and your leadership. Your visit has reaffirmed our dedication to achieving our goals, and we look forward to continuing to work towards our shared vision under your guidance. Once again, thank you for visiting us,” added Rochelle Ramushu.


While we may not know our Group CEO's burger-making abilities, it is clear from the Cape Town crew's comments that he has not lost the Midas touch.

CEO spend with CT crew
Proconics Heath & Wellness day

Proconics Health & Wellness day

JHB Office

On Thursday, 24 August 2023, Proconics Johannesburg (Midrand) hosted the first group annual Wellness Day.


The event, which was organised by the Social Committee and will soon be replicated in other offices, is an important component of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) mandated by the Group Human Resources department to promote a healthy workplace programme that is designed to support employees' physical and mental well-being.


According to the South African Constitution, Act 108 of 1996, and the Bill of Rights, "Everyone has the right to a healthy environment and the right to health care services, including reproductive health care,” reads in part.


Workforce Health, professional EAP health practitioners, performed health exams and testing, which included:


  • A health risk assessment questionnaire.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculators.

  • Blood Pressure screening

  • Glucose testing

  • HCT (HIV counselling & testing)


Some of the highlights of the day included:


  • A health presentation based on "Stress Assessment" led by Dorah Tlala, Group Chief HR Officer. She discussed some of the stress causes and how employees can learn to handle them to live a healthier lifestyle.


  • Planet Fitness Gym in Midrand, which sponsored a free one-hour cardio class that gave the staff a taste of "work life balance and keeping fit." The club also provided seven-day free membership tickets to employees who wanted to join the gym.


  • Employees were given health packs with sandwiches, energy bars, and juice. The canteen had a "smoothie bike" where you could choose a smoothie of your choice, but to consume it, you had to pedal your way through it by grinding the ingredients - a healthy drink generated through health means.


"Our integrated Employee Wellness Programme is designed to provide programmes that can develop and maintain healthy, dedicated, responsive, and productive employees within the organisation, as well as to ensure that they add value to the departments in which they work," said Dorah Tlala, Group Chief HR Officer.


"I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Precious Sibeko, Sandisiwe Sililo, and Charmaine Banda for organising such a successful event.

Proconics Health & Wellness day

Vanderbijlpark  Office

The second annual wellness day for Proconics employees was held at the Vanderbijlpark office. This effort aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees as well as a comprehensive work-life balance.


The Social Committee organised the wellness day, which was a big success, with employees participating in numerous activities and workshops throughout the day. The project is an important component of the Group Human Resources department's mandatory Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to promote a healthy workplace program meant to support employees' physical and emotional well-being.


The day began with a group gym session at the nearby Virgin Active, followed by a series of interesting seminars and workshops on themes such as stress management, good eating, and exercise.


In addition, the company provided free health checks such as blood pressure and cholesterol tests, as well as a variety of preventive health services. The goal is to emphasise prevention over cure and to enable employees to take charge of their own health.


The company also organized healthy food packages and exhibited several healthy food options as part of the programme, such as the smoothie cycle, where you could choose a smoothie of your choice but had to pedal your way through it.


Employees overwhelmingly responded positively, with many expressing gratitude for such an initiative. "Regarding yesterday's event, it was exciting and fun," one employee said. “I believe it is something we can do more frequently rather than once a year. It is beneficial to our mental health. Personally, I'd like to join a gym, but it's prohibitively expensive. I recognise the need for this type of living, but maintaining it is a challenge. Can Proconics give us an hour on Monday’s and Wednesdays to focus on our mental health? In addition, can Proconics negotiate a company discount for those who want to join the gym?”


Proconics is devoted to supporting its employees' health and well-being, and the annual wellness day is just one of many measures undertaken to accomplish this goal. It is an excellent method for the firm to demonstrate its dedication to supporting a healthy lifestyle among employees while also creating a happy work atmosphere.


Below is a snapshot of the day’s proceedings:

VDB wellness day.jpg

Proconics Health & Wellness day

Durban Office

The third annual Proconics employee health day was recently held in sunny eThekwini. The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) wellness days aim to promote a healthy work-life balance and lifestyle among employees.


While the crew did not have the privilege of cycling to a smoothie on the unique smoothie cycle, they did receive tailored head and shoulder massages from the therapists on hand. 


Dorah Tlala, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, kicked off the event with a health presentation that touched on stress evaluation and management, which was well received by the employees due to its interaction and inclusivity.


The team then walked across the street to the Pavilion Shopping Centre's Virgin Active gym for a 45-minute body workout.

Below is a snapshot of the day’s proceedings:

Welness day Durban.jpg

Proconics Health & Wellness day

Secunda Office

Secunda wellness day.jpg

Proconics Health & Wellness day

Cape Town Office

Proconics' fourth annual employee health day was recently held in sunny Cape Town city. Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) wellness days are designed to encourage employees to maintain a good work-life balance and lifestyle.


The Wellness Day was organized by the Social Committee and was a huge success, with employees partaking in a variety of activities and workshops throughout the day. The project is a key component of the Group Human Resources Department’s - Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which aims to promote a healthy workplace programme that supports employees' physical and mental well-being.


The day started with free health screenings like blood pressure and cholesterol checks, as well as a variety of preventive health services. The idea is to prioritise prevention over cure and empower employees to manage their health.


Dorah Tlala, the Group's Chief Human Resources Officer, delivered a health presentation that focused on stress assessment and treatment.


The ever-popular smoothie bike was present, and colleagues pedalled their way to a tasty and healthy smoothie. A group gym session was also held.


Below is a snapshot of the day’s proceedings:

cape town wellness day.jpg
Dr Pixley soccer tournament.jpg
DR Pixley Soccer tournament

Proconics attends the Dr Pixley Local Is Lekker Soccer Tournament

Football is thought to have the ability to unite individuals from all walks of life. This statement rings true as the Proconics and ProGo teams attended the Dr Pixley ka Seme Local is Lekker Soccer Tournament last weekend in Volksrust, in partnership with Eskom and other external organisations.


As the dust settles at the Volksrust soccer stadium, the tournament was the culmination of Proconics stakeholders' efforts to create Proconics' reputation and awareness among locals. “The journey for Proconics in the Majuba area has not been easy, our participation in the tournament was an opportunity to further cement our commitment and dedication to the community,” shares Khanya Vilakazi, Senior Manager: Stakeholder Relations, IR Compliance and Projects.


“The tournament was not about which company or community you belong to, it was about camaraderie and being focused on the game. As an organisation, we made great strides in cementing our brand name among locals. We achieved a lot.”


Organised by Volksrust Online Radio (VOR) – a platform that is commonly used to influence sentiments about companies in the community. Through proactive engagement and collaboration, the Stakeholder Relations team, and other important stakeholders, notably Ludolph de Klerk, were able to turn this relationship around.


The two-day soccer spectacle saw hundreds of spectators sing, chant, dance and cheer on the top eight teams in the tournament. The winning team, the Volksrust Isiphithiphithi soccer team was lauded for their countless hours of practice, teamwork, and dedication both off and on the pitch. At the end of the tournament, Vilakazi handed over the trophy to the winning team.


From an oversight, fairness and integrity perspective, the Volksrust South African Football Association (SAFA) officials ensured that the teams remained competitive, respectful and followed the rules of the game. The local South African Police Service ensured overall safety for all concerned.

Dr Pixley soccer tournament 2.jpg
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