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Proconics was born from operations designers and engineers who initially started their careers at petrochemical plants. The experience that they obtained while working at Sasol, as well as the strong knowledge sharing culture of Proconics, ensured a deep sense of understanding and purpose regarding the workings of Petrochemical plants.



Proconics has a track record in executing innovative multi-discipline projects in the refinery space. Some of these refineries include Natref, Astron and Engen.



The Proconics Johannesburg team started in 2017 with the Renewables division. To date they have executed more than 450MW of EBOP scope on solar (PV and CSP), wind, and hydro projects, executing EPC projects and professional services scopes in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.

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Power Generation

After executing complex projects in the petrochemical field,    Proconics    identified   the    similarities    and applications in other industries.


This included the power generation industry, where the numerous lessons learnt from onerous design requirements could be practically applied to the power generation industry.

Coal Power Station

Drone Technology

Executing projects in hazardous areas can be daunting at times. Especially if you have to perform physical As-building on the current state of the factory or plant. Proconics realised that drone technology can serve as an excellent tool to ease project execution, be it inspections for auditing purposes or building 3D models for HAZOP's or final design integration purposes.


Safety and Projects

How we look at Safety.


Safety is a way of life. During all phases of project execution, whether it is engineering, procurement or construction, one needs to utilize safety as the most important tool.

Workers at Gas Plant