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Executing projects in hazardous areas can be daunting at times. Especially if you have to perform physical As-building on the current state of the factory or plant. Proconics realised that drone technology can serve as an excellent tool to ease project execution, be it inspections for auditing purposes or building 3D models for HAZOP's or final design integration purposes.

Drone Projects
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Drone Projects

Drone technology is where creativity meets technology. Drone technology has been implemented as an inspection tool of equipment, a monitoring tool during emergency evacuations, and even as an observation tool to see how air pollution can be reduced in informal settlements. 

Another very useful utilization of drone technology is to build 3D models. This enables engineering and design teams to perform HAZOP's and construction evaluations offsite.

As drone technology has only recently been utilized in brownfield implementation, we know that we've only scratched the surface on the possibilities where drone technology can ease project execution in brownfield factories.

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