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Renewable Energy

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Proconics support IPP's and renewable EPC's by providing cost-effective, reliable, repeatable EBOP services in the African environment. We have the experience and great understanding of the local methods of operation in South Africa and its neighboring countries. When talking specifically about project execution in the South African space, Proconics has the experience and correct licenses to operate by being a BBBEE level 1 contributor.

Proconics is a proudly South African company and as such, we believe in the development and improvement of local engineering talents. We have therefore put together a renewables team who have an extensive amount of years' experience in theis field. 

One of Proconics' core beliefs is to be relational. We have therefore over the last 25 years built strong professional relationships with local and international suppliers in the construction and installation sector. This enables us to provide each client with a fit-for-purpose solution, addressing their unique problem with precision and resolution.

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Renewables Services

Renewables Projects

Proconics Renewables Project

Project Scope:
Centralized string inverter, installed in a containerized substation, which included all the monitoring, LV switchgear, transformers, and MV switchgear.


Installation Site:  Mutoko, Zimbabwe
Project Size:  US$ 536,407.00

Riverside 3MW Solar Power Plant

Riverside 3MW Solar Power Plant

Proconics Renewables Projects

Project Scope:
Design, supply, Factory Acceptance Testing, and delivery of equipment for Ndiza Hydro Power Station Project


Installation Site:  Mulanje Hydro Limited, Malawi

Ndiza/Ruo 15MW Hydro Power Station Project

Ndiza/Ruo 15MW Hydro Power Station Project

Proconics Renewable Projects

Project Scope:
New 132kV/33kV, 50 MVA Transformer bay, and 33kV feeder bay to the existing substation. This included the transformer, HGIS 132kV switchgear, 33kV AIS switchgear, protection and control panels including SCADA equipment.


Installation Site: Tsanga PwrStation 

Nyanga 50MVA transformer upgrade

Nyanga 50MVA transformer upgrade


Project Scope

The primary and secondary testing of two 132kV transformer feeders, two 20MVA 22/132kV Transformers and the 22kV collector board including 8 solar incomers. 

​Installation Site

2 x 30MW Solar Farms in Limpopo, South Africa

Testing of Protection at 2 x 30MW Solar Farms in Limpopo, South Africa

Testing of Protection at 2 x 30MW Solar Farms in Limpopo, South Africa


Project Scope

Engineering Procurement and Construction of MV scope for Phase 1 of Solgas, Cross Mabale 5MW Solar Power Station project.

Installation Site

Cross Mabale, Hwange, Zimbabwe

SolGas Zimbabwe 5MW Solar Farm

SolGas Zimbabwe 5MW Solar Farm


Project Scope: 

Reverse engineering of the current HMI system to implement the new Bus-Tie Feeders.

​Installation Site

2 x 144MW Wind Farms in Eastern Cape, South Africa

SCADA System upgrade at Loeriesfontein and Khobab Wind Farms in Eastern Cape, South Africa

SCADA System upgrade at Loeriesfontein and Khobab Wind Farms in Eastern Cape, South Africa


Project Scope:
Performing the grid code compliance studies required for the Innovent-CEC Garneton North PV facilities. 

Installation Site:  ​ Kitwe, Zambia

Grid Compliance Studies for 40MW Garneton Solar Farm, Zambia

Grid Compliance Studies for 40MW Garneton Solar Farm, Zambia


Project Scope: Performing the preliminary design for a solar/gas/battery hybrid power plant’s grid connection in De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa. 

Installation Site:  55MW Hybrid Power Plant, Northern Cape, South Africa

Prelim. Design for 400kV grid connection for De Aar Solar RMIPPP Proposal

Design for 400kV grid connection for De Aar Solar RMIPPP Proposal


Project Scope:

Designing and supplying 8 AC Combiner boxes as well as Plant SCADA system. 


Installation Site: Harare, Zimbabwe 

Harava 20MW Solar Park, Zimbabwe – AC combiner boxes and SCADA scope 

Harava 20MW Solar Park, Zimbabwe 

Renewables Projects
Trainin in LightningProtectio

Elevating our Expertise in Lightning Protection

The Renewables Team

Louis Hall.jpg

Louis Hall
Group Executive: Renewable Energy

Experienced Lead Electrical Project Engineer with a demonstrated history of executing successful brown fields and green fields projects.


Gained experience working in the petrochemical industry for 4 years. Now focused on renewable energy. Skilled in project management, PV plant design, substation design, switchgear design and inter-discipline interface management.


Professionally registered engineer (Pr. Eng). Currently studying towards a Masters focused in solar energy from University of Pretoria.

Nompu Bofu.jpg


Business Development:
Microgrids & Embedded Generation

Senior Manager in T&D Engineering and a Project Manager. A team player who pays attention to detail and a good communicator.


Involved in the Long Term Sub-transmission Studies for the Northern Area and the Southern Area. Skilled in design, construction and project management. Strong Control & Instrumentation background, having worked in the industry as an Instruments & Control Engineer, as well as working on a number of high-profile projects.

Substation and Overhead Line Design, Power generation EC&I designs, Industrial EC&I designs, Renewables:  Grid Code Compliance studies, Project and Construction Management.

Professional Engineer (Pr. Eng) registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), Professional Construction Project Manager (Pr. CPM) registered with the South African Council of Project and Construction Management Professionals (SACPCMP)

Sello Mojaje.jpg

Sello Mojaje
Business Development
Renewable Energy

Versatile electrical engineer with a 5-year track record of working on EPC projects.


Started his career in mining where he was exposed to maintenance of both electrical and mechanical systems. 

He specializes in design of Medium-Voltage and Low-Voltage switchgear and electrical reticulations, FAT and SAT commissioning of electrical systems. Power systems’ studies. Protection studies and short-circuit studies. CAD drafting using E-plan, AutoCAD and Bentley MicroStation.


Also in preparation of Tender proposal documentation, preparation of Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering Packages.

BSc (Eng.) Electrical Engineering

Wayne Kitching.jpg

Wayne Kitching
Senior Engineer
Specialist studies
Electrical T&D

Senior Electrical Engineer with substantial experience mostly in the electrical utility sector.


He specializes in network planning, grid integration, and grid code compliance of IPPs (Independent Power Producers). 

As the Lead Electrical Engineer at a 100MW Concentrated Solar Plant Wayne oversaw the entire electrical scope of the site.

His current role involves project management and engineering of grid infrastructure related to renewable energy projects in Southern Africa.

Renewables Team

Anthony Brighton
Project Manager
Projects Renewable Energy

Delivery-focused professional with over 25 years’ experience in aspects of Electrical Engineering and High Voltage Substation Tendering, Project Engineering and Management.


Anthony's is committed to business development, customer satisfaction and the execution and delivery of high-quality solutions for customers.


Business Management, Team Leadership, EPC Project Management, Utility Scale PV and Wind system eBOP Tendering, Plant Commissioning and Testing.


N.Dip in Electrical Engineering (H.C)

Estiaan van den Heever.jpg

Estiaan van den Heever
Projects Manager

Experienced Project Manager / Estimator with 10+ years experience in substation and overhead powerline estimating and construction in both local and international markets.


Estiaan interacts well on a one-to-one basis and in a group situation at peer, superior and subordinate levels, both as a leader and in a key support function.

Victor de Beer_edited.jpg

Victor de Beer
Team Lead
SCADA Electrical

Experienced Senior SCADA Project Engineer with a demonstrated history of executing successful brownfields and greenfields projects.


Gained experience working in the energy and utility industry for 11 years.


Skilled in SCADA project management, Industrial Communi-cations network design, HMI and RTU Engineering, Industrial Protocol implementation and IEC 61131-3 Programming.

Takalani Mamburu_edited.jpg

Takalani Mamburu
SADC Electrical T&D

Over 7 years of experience in General electrical design responsibilities stretching from Conceptual Engineering Packages to the execution of various tasks and design work in Detail Engineering Packages.


Skilled in commissioning assistance on switchgear replacement projects.

General Electrical designs, As building studies, Cable sizing calculations, DC loading sizing, Capable of using E-plan, Microsoft Access and Micro station Software, Commissioning assistance, Factory Acceptance Tests

N. Dip Electrical (Power)

Wilford Mwanza_edited.jpg

Wilford Mwanza
Team Lead
Electrical Engineer T&D

A versatile engineer with experience spanning from electrical power plant technical design to energy sector business development and policymaking.

He has participated in the engineering of several renewable energy projects in Africa and the conception of numerous global policy positions, with a particular focus on aligning energy projects with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An entrepreneur and has represented Africa on various international platforms to drive investment in the African energy space, through engaging diverse stakeholders in governance, the private sector, and civil society.

Experienced in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) of renewable energy power stations, electrical substation designs, and project management. Have designed, participated, advised, and managed an estimated 1500MW at an accumulative value of US$1.5 Billion, in countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, and Botswana, and has consulted for renewable energy project developers from, inter alia, China, United Kingdom, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates.

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA (2016) - Post Graduate Certification

Venture School & Business and Entrepreneurship

UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE (2016) – Bachelor’s Degree

BSc (Honours) Electrical Engineering

Sandiso Bhuda_edited.jpg

Sandiso Bhuda
Team Lead 

Profession electrical engineer(Pr. Eng) registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) .

11 years’ experience in transmission substation designs with voltage levels ranging from 11kV to 765kV, the designs involve green fields and refurbishments of existing sites.


Sandiso is currently a lead design engineer in projects which include transmission, distribution substation designs and renewable energy projects.

Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering at UKZN

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